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Proudfoot Brothers Art For Sale

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Proudfoot Brothers:
Marilyn Munroe
Proudfoot Brothers:
Sinead O'Connor
Marilyn Monroe Proudfoot Brothers Sinead O'Connor Proudfoot Brothers

Proudfoot Brothers (USA)

The reclusive Eddie and Charlie Proudfoot live together in an apartment in New York’s Lower East Side. They spent periods of their lives in foster care, psychiatric hospitals and, one of them, in prison. They do not share details of their age, family or past life.

The brothers will not explain why almost every picture they create is an appropriated portrait with the eyes blanked out. All they say is: "It changes the picture to make it ours, but it is like we are working with the people who made them. We don't want to promote our work because we would have to meet all the strangers, and people may be nice but we don't really know how to chat with people we don't know, we get nervous in crowds. We are happy people like our pictures though."

Their work has been featured in media as CNN and the Mirror.