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Salvador Dali Art For Sale: Fantastic Voyage ORIGINAL

Salvador Dali Fantastic Voyage Original
Artist: Salvador Dali (Spain 1904 - 1989)

Title: Fantastic Voyage (Original)

Year: 1965

Style: Surrealist

Medium: An Original Gouache Painting on Card Stock

Picture Size: 30 inches wide x 40 inches high

Edition: This is the original artwork signed by Salvador Dali: "Dali 1965"

Provenance: Authenticated by Robert and Nicolas Descharnes. Robert Descharnes, was Dalí’s secretary during the last years of his life.

Background: Fantastic Voyage Original was Dali's interpretation of the motion picture, Fantastic Voyage which starred Donald Pleasence and Raquel Welch.

The Fantastic Voyage movie was a result of the counter-culture revolution that was taking place in the world. This movement was heavily influenced by surreal and psychedelic imagery, something Dali was executing decades before.

In the movie, a submarine and its crew are shrunken to a microscopic size and injected into the blood stream of a diplomat in order to save his life by destroying a blood clot in his brain. The film was acclaimed for its advanced special effects.

Dali and Film
Salvador Dali had a deep passion for cinema. As a child his mother worked for the local theatre, which allowed him to spend countless hours repeatedly watching the latest films. He later collaborated with Luis Bunuel on two famous surrealist films; L’Age d’Or and Un Chien Andalou.

In 2007 and 2008, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Tate Modern in London, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art and The Salvador Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg, Florida hosted exhibitions titled, Dali and Film.

Fantastic Voyage however incorporated Dali’s passion for cinema with his love for science. Dali was subsequently engaged by the film makers to assist with the publicity for the movie.

Dali’s Conscious Painting of Fantastic Voyage sold for over $1,100,000

Fantastic Voyage Paintings
On Tuesday February 6th, 2007 a painting titled, "Fantastic Voyage" came for sale at Christie's, London. It was estimated to sell for between $475,000 and $670,000. When the hammer fell, it had actually sold for $1,141,000.

It is no surprise that a Dali painting would sell well in excess of its estimate. "The Burning Giraffe", which came to auction in 2009, was estimated to sell for $150,000 to $200,000 but achieved a price over of $1,800,000.

The Two Fantastic Voyage Paintings
Salvador Dali actually created two paintings titled “Fantastic Voyage" and both related to the film. The painting that sold at auction for over $1,100,000, with is its realistic figures, is known as Dali’s "Conscious" interpretation of the film.

The other painting titled “Fantastic Voyage" is Dali’s “sub-conscious" interpretation of the film. While it is not known which painting came first, it is clear that Salvador Dali felt the need to express his both inner and outer self with two distinct works of art relating to the film.

The "Sub-Conscious" Fantastic Voyage is being offered for sale by ArtFair
The crew in Dali’s less obvious and more thought provoking "Fantastic Voyage" travel through the subconscious mind of Salvador Dali. There, they are confronted with numerous Dalinian icons. A barren path winds through the middle of the painting.

Oddly enough, no one is on the path; it simply lies there to be explored. An ethereal elephant cloud in the sky represents Dali himself as a fetus. This implies that the film, with its emphasis on life and death, caused Dali to reflect on his biological origin.

The Fountain flowing from the Piano is from Dali’s famous painting, "Fountain Flowing from a Grand Piano." Above it sits a fossilized lion, symbolizing death, which stares at the fetus in the sky. Dali shows us death, staring longingly at birth.

The bishop seems to be moving toward the path. By this time in his life, Dali began embracing religion after years of rebellious anti-clericalism. Dali himself reclines beneath the famous telephone in the tree, which appeared in Dali’s anti-war painting, "The Enigma of Hitler." In the "Enigma of Hitler" the phone line was severed. Here it goes underground and beneath the path, allowing the reclining Dali to channel his thoughts through the landscape.

The landscape is barren and painted in the tones of a dream, while being scorched by a flaming sun that seems to have awakened a giant dragonfly.

Opinion on Fantastic Voyage (Original): The increasing scarcity of Dali's paintings makes them very desirable. The Wall Street Journal reported four years ago: "Over the past five years, the average price paid at auction for a late-period Dali has risen from $108,634 to just over $1 million, according to Art Research Technologies, a New York-based consulting firm that tracks auction prices."

Aware of Salvador Dali’s ever increasing popularity; museums are aggressively buying up available paintings. Fine paintings like "The Fantastic Voyage" rarely become available.

While no one can predict the future, Salvador Dali's art, as it has spectacularly shown in the past, may prove to be an extremely lucrative investment.

Price: £540,000. (Exchange rates - will open in a new page)

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